Facial Skin Care Creative Advertising

As more and more young adults are understanding the need to take care of his or her skin, the facial skin care market is growing and expanding. With this in mind, advertisers have to be more creative than ever to not only attract the desired audience but to gain their trust and money to buy the product. Advertisers want their consumers to identify with their brands through a certain personality, relatable feeling, and a distinctive message.

Here are a few cases to present our conclusion:



The use of a beautiful woman and the tagline ‘Healthy Skin at Every Age’ are classic advertising tactics used to attract women of all ages to buy the product. This Cetaphil print ad shows a full line of skin care products including cleansers and moisturizers with or without SPF. The woman in the ad is seen to have clear, healthy, beautiful skin and radiates happiness. It’s about creating a feeling to sell the product.



This is the most common form of advertising in the Facial Skin Care industry; Celebrity endorsed ads. In this case, Carrie Underwood, at 33 years old, represents Olay’s cleansers claiming they remove twice as much dirt. Underwood’s followers are more likely to buy the product because she stands by their brand [[[[and shows validation]]]. Celebrities can attract more consumers and give the brand a certain image reflected from the celeb.


Aveeno also uses a well-known celebrity to attract more consumers. This brand focuses on appealing to women who want more natural products with ingredients that are less harsh on their skin. With Jennifer Aniston as their spokesperson they are able to attract a large audience of both older and younger women. Their emphasize the simplicity of their products all while being health conscious.


The tactic used throughout the industry is, of course, using a beautiful woman with “flawless skin” talking about how they keep their skin perfect using this specific brand. We can see that just looking like having healthy skin is not enough, with a keyword “feeling” being added as a tactic. Your skin can’t just look good, it has to feel good as well. This is an interesting but effective tactic because we all hear the expression “feeling good in your skin” and this gives the promise of just that which entices the buyer to purchase the product. That feel good feeling is something that buyers are looking for.


This ad is all about trying to relate to the target audience to draw them in to consider purchasing the brand’s products. Clean & Clear differentiate themselves by the ingredients that they use- ginseng, Vitamin C, and bursting beads. The ad comes across as a very youthful one with a young girl represented as the main lead. They included a bit of humor to it to also attract the audience. #lazypolarbear #morningblues



Simple promotes a product that is simple to use and safe on your skin as well as for the environment. It stresses the dangerous environmental factors that may hurt or damage your skin, but reassures you to use this product is “made to be kind” for people with sensitive skin and is gentle enough for your skin.


Dove’s main focus for years has been the market of women on the homepage of their website this is stated “…the home of real beauty. For over a decade, we’ve been working to make beauty a source of confidence…”. Dove has been advertised as a brand that takes every woman and her differences into consideration. It emphasis REAL beauty as opposed to the image we are used to seeing in the media.


Image result for clinique face wash advertisement

In this 1981 ad, Clinique takes a very modern and minimalistic approach by implying the practicality of their product. In having the clinique skincare regimen alongside a toothbrush followed by the words”twice a day”, the ad encourages viewers to think of Clinique skincare as much a part of their daily routine as brushing their teeth.


Image result for biore advertisement

Biore’s advertising uses facts about the ingredients within their product as a way to make it seem more effective. It appears to be targeting women as the ad contains a woman as well as the packaging does. It also targets a more ingredient conscious consumer by focusing on a more natural ingredient within the product.


This Garnier commercial is similar to the Biore because it focuses on the same ingredient (charcoal) as a selling point, however, what they did differently was show a statistic displaying the benefits on people who had actually used the products as opposed to merely the benefits of charcoal itself.


Just as much as women care for their skin, young men also want to look good for the ladies and simply feel confident in their own skin. This is especially true for teens who are in high school. Young men taking care of his skin is normally not in the spotlight because it could be seen a girly thing to do. On the other hand, young men want to be a part of something and achieve a certain look. Now more than ever, there are products that are becoming more and more accessible for young men who want clear and healthy looking skin. The female stigma may still be there, but advertisers are slowly disintegrating that barrier.



Attracting the male audience, advertisement tactics are a bit different. It isn’t about the “beauty” and the “flawless” skin, but as evidence of this commercial, it is about looking attractive to a certain “masculine” way, which would make the males more open to purchasing the product. It is about achieving a certain look that girls would desire; Features such as the perfect jawline comes in effect after using the face wash.


Image result for ads for man face wash

These are physically attractive men who are representing this product, so in a way, this is what the consumer thinks that they will be, or feel like when using it. It is quite effective, as we also see this in the Old Spice Commercials. We may not look like the men in this ad presented to us, but we can feel like we are.


Clearasil is promoting this product for young men by saying it “works fast”. The advertisers are trying to say that you won’t be stuck with this problem for long. So there is nothing to be ashamed of. That nasty pimple will be gone before you know it. It also attracts its main audience by using different scenarios of a young man in sticky situations. A female audience may look at this ad and not relate to it, but that’s okay because they are not the target audience.

X Out 

X Out is an easy one step face wash that is marketed to both teenage boys and girls. In their ads, they emphasize the use of the product by everyday teens who face similar challenges. They also have very minimal celebrity endorsers and the brand focuses on building self-esteem in teenagers.